Frequently Asked Questions

Electrical Resources in Ottawa

Why does my breaker keep tripping?

There are many potential causes for a breaker to trip. The two most common reasons are; 1) the circuit has a dead short or 2) the circuit is overloaded with too many items/appliances. Fixing this issue would start with sending out service department to diagnose the issue. Our service department has over 20 years of experience with issues like this and would be happy to assist.

Why are my lights dimming and flickering?

This issue could be the result of what we refer to as a floating neutral. This means there could be a loose wire somewhere in the circuit that needs to be fixed. This issue has the potential to be very dangerous and lead to other electrical issues if it is left unresolved.

Do I need to pull a permit for my electrical work in my home?

This depends on the type of electrical project you are planning. Here at LGE we are dedicated to our customers safety and would be happy to advise and assist you in acquiring an electrical permit, should you need one. Our team would be happy to assess your project and inform you if a permit is needed.

Can I install a stand-by generator onto my existing panel?

LGE will come to assess your project needs and determine if this can be done. In most cases, we can install a stand-by generator onto your existing panel with no issues.

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